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Purpose of this Trailer

Filmmakers Matthew Merz and Asia Lampley intend to rally up excitement around this novel rendition of DC Comics’ most tumultuous relationship. After funds are raised, the filmmakers will look to cast SAG and non-union actors for the 20-page short written by Lampley.It is their hope that they can attach A-list stars such as Kerry Washington, Paula Patton, or Mila Kunis to the project as Harley Quinn. The filmmakers would love to hear feedback from Batman and/or DC Comic fans as to what the next move for Harley’s story should be following the short. Is it a feature film? Web-series? Comic book?

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The Clown Prince of Gotham and his muse Harley Quinn wreck havoc on the city, which is set near the bayous of New Orleans during Prohibition. With free admission to hooch parlors (by force of course) and total disregard for the law, the two sociopaths enjoy a life of recreational felonies. That is, until Harley’s feelings get in the way of the Joker’s fun. When Harley requests for an engagement with the scoundrel, the Joker responds, “like I told you before, doll, I don’t do handcuffs.” In order to appease his partner in crime and for his own entertainment, Joker challenges Harley to bring him the big cheese—Lex Luthor—in exchange for an engagement ring. When the Joker fails to deliver on his promise, Harley resorts to more desperate measures, namely voodoo. Unfortunately Harley’s plan goes awry, resulting in a crazed woman scorned from then on, endangering all those who stand in her way, even her man. The non-traditional take on DC Comics’ deadliest dynamic has a dark twist in the climax that will carve interest in even the most loyal Harley Quinn fans.


Executive Producers - Tracey Lampley & Matthew Merz

Written by Asia Lampley

Directed by Matthew Merz

Produced by Asia Lampley & Matthew Merz

Director of Cinematography - Mitch Martinez

Jason Druss.- AC/Grip/Editor

Ilana Bagel - Makeup

Zarah Arlene Ivins - Makeup

Helen Campitelli - Wardrobe/Makeup

Daniel Pennington - Grip

Jason Hall - Grip

Joe Grasso - Grip

David Kappler - Gaffer

Ian Gregory Abell - PA/Sound

Lisa DeSantis - PA/Script Supervisor

Devin Gallagher - PA


Asia Lampley - Harley Quinn

Billy Reil - Joker

Daniel Armella - Lex Luthor

L. Celeste Weathers - Jazz Singer

Damien Turchi - Sax Player 1

Joshua Sanabria - Sax Player 2

Paul Samulenas - Dancer 1

Roxanne Pogue - Dancer 2

Jacinth Sutphin - Dancer 3

Michael Sebastian Buono - Bum

Special Thanks

Take the Lead Dance Studio, Philadelphia

Pink Lady Hair Studio, Philadelphia

Philadelphia ChemoCap Store, Inc

John Merz

Jason Merz

Rob Cook

Walter Barnes

David Kappler

Khali Reed

Zekiah Lee

Melissa Hagan

Faith Hamilton

Dr. Anne Greenhalgh

Ms. Anita

Cydney Gillon

Tangelea Gillon

Alphonso Gillon

Dr. Keisha Bentley


Georgette Lynn

Special Thanks to Paul Samulenas at Take the Lead Dance Studio located on 47th and Pine.

Special Thanks to Paul Samulenas at Take the Lead Dance Studio located on 47th and Pine.

Billy Reil as Joker staying connected.

Billy Reil as Joker staying connected.